Bridging Cultures Through Musicianship

Bridging Cultures Through Musicianship

Bridging Cultures Through MusicianshipBridging Cultures Through MusicianshipBridging Cultures Through Musicianship




Thalea is a professional classical bassist with nearly 20 years' worth background performing and teaching. Additionally, they are fluent in Mandarin Chinese and highly proficient in music theory.

Thalea offers private lessons for double bass (children/teens, beginner to advanced/college-ready), and tutoring for Mandarin (all ages, beginner to intermediate) & music theory (all ages, beginner to advanced).


Through their thorough fieldwork, research, and presence in Mongolia, China, and academia, Thalea not only has gained expert knowledge on a burgeoning music scene in Central and East Asia, they have also amassed an extensive amount of unique, real-world experiences, especially navigating as a Black, queer person. 

Utilizing this knowledge and experience, Thalea has provided and currently offers consulting advisement to researchers and travelers, as well as to professional musical touring groups between the US and Mongolia.

Speaking Engagements

Thalea is a highly practiced public speaker who enjoys discussing a wide range of topics from music, language, identity, mental health, and more. They are more than willing to participate in public speaking engagements tailored to almost any topic for all audiences.


Thalea has performed in orchestras, pits, chamber groups, and in a solo capacity, playing primarily classical repertoire, with experience in jazz and folk music as well. Whether for 20 elementary-aged kids or for an audience of 200 veteran concert goers, whether solo or in a group, Thalea derives great joy in performing.


Thalea has extensive writing and editing experience. From papers and articles to resumes, Thalea offers editing assistance and advice for all writing needs.


Thalea's rates for teaching/tutoring, consultation, and speaking engagements are fixed. However, a sliding scale can be offered on an individual, case-by-case basis. Please contact Thalea directly for more information.